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Newfields, New Hampshire

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Newfields, New Hampshire

watercolor on paper
13 3/4 in. x 19 3/4 in. (34.93 cm x 50.17 cm)
Currier Funds, 1963.1

Childe Hassam

The year 1906 was a remarkable one for Childe Hassam: he was named an academician of the National Academy of Design and won the Carnegie Prize awarded by the Society of American Artists, the Walter Lippincott Prize from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, and a Third Prize Award at the Worcester Art Museum's Ninth Annual Exhibition. It was also an unusually peripatetic year, even for an artist who styled himself "the Marco Polo of the painters." Hassam was in New York in the winter, and in the months that followed he made at least four separate trips to Old Lyme, Connecticut, and also went to Branchville and New London, Connecticut, to Long Island, and to the Isles of Shoals, New Hampshire. In most of these places, he worked on major canvases. His visit to Newfields, on the other hand, seems to have been purely for relaxation, and the watercolor he painted there has all the hallmarks of a work done purely for the artist's pleasure.
Hassam probably stopped at Newfields, located several miles inland from Portsmouth, in August 1906, when he was based on the Isles of Shoals. He had been coming to New Hampshire since the early 1880s, frequently as the guest of poet Celia Thaxter, whose dazzling gardens at Appledore, Isles of Shoals, had often been a subject for his brush. Hassam seems to have produced little work at Newfields, although the pretty country town inspired at least one other watercolor, executed in August of 1907, and an etching and drypoint completed in 1916. His decision to record his impressions of this small, picturesque town in watercolor reflects his lifelong interest in the medium.
Hassam's rendering of Newfields on a high summer day shows him to be a master of the transparent wash technique: the fields in the foreground and the trees in the middle distance are rendered in a succession of long strokes of wet pigment, the very liquidity of the paint conveying the shimmering heat of an August day. The sky-which fills two thirds of the picture-was painted even more wetly, with a series of loose, parallel strokes and pools of color that evoke the movement of clouds across the sky. Hassam's palette consists of the bright blues and greens he favored in the contemporary landscapes he made in oils, accented with dots of red on the chimneys. The white of the paper, used to define the reflections of the clouds in the pond and the houses at center, adds to the brilliance of the image. Hassam organized his composition into a series of horizontal bands, a measured structure that suggests stability, while his energetic brushstrokes create a sense of impending atmospheric change. Newfields, New Hampshire was undoubtedly painted quite rapidly, probably at a single sitting. It reveals no underdrawing that would indicate careful planning in advance of picking up the brush, and no corrections or changes of mind. Rather, it is direct, spontaneous, and self-confident; Hassam would have considered it a good day's work.



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